I'm not one to toot my own horn, so one of my 2011 goals is to keep the friends and fans of bmp up to date with all the happenings. And, because I not on the tweeter or facie-spaces, I'll put it all here. Mostly in visual form, some haiku and some straight up. I'll start with a rarity, which is me on the other side of the lens. These are from the Horrible Hundred 2010.

The Horrible Hundred is a 100 mile cycling event that hits every major hill in the Clermont/Lake Wales area with the toughest in the last 30 miles. Yup, Florida has hills.

I was on the fence about riding it this year as I had a heavy shoot and production schedule the week of. The training was all there, but sometimes work can take it's toll mentally and physically. I waited to see how I felt the day before. On Saturday morning I decided I would just show up and do it. Because 99% of all my long rides are solo, it would be nice to hit the course at a fast group pace.

Overall I had a good race. I was cruising along in the lead group for the first 60 miles until my back tire flatted. I couldn't fix it as my C02 (portable air cartridge) would not puncture. Luckily, a rider stopped gave me some air and I was off to ride the last 40 miles solo. Despite a hefty 15-20min setback, I still finished about 8 mins faster than last year at 4:52. Not too bad considering the gusty headwinds.

Two hours after the event I was running in the back yard chasing 10 kids playing football tag. Two days later, my bike computer passed 10k miles for the year.

The first shot is of Sugarloaf Mountain ( the steepest hill at mile 80). The second pic is me at the top. The other is descending on Buckhill Road.

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